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Website Crafting Process

We want to craft you a website that persuades.

We Don’t just Build websites, we craft them 

We take you through the entire processes of crafting a website that you can be proud of and that persuades. We take you from the very blueprint or “wire frame” to the “style tile” then we start the crafting of your website. 


Strategy Call 
Site Outline

Style Tile 
Site Development 
Edits and Testing 
Launch and Care



Step 1- Questionnaire 

We start with our Strategy Questionnaire.  This will gives us a good sense of your current position in your industry, how you want your site to perform as well as goals you have for your new website. 

Step 2- Strategy Call 

An in-depth phone call or meeting with you this will allow us to get to  know you personally and professionally. We’ll go over the Strategy Questionnaire and set goals for your new site.

Step 3- Site Outline 

A detailed plan and outline for your new website.  We’ll use the strategy and goals developed in previous steps to determine the hierarchy and flow for site visitors.


Step 4- wireframe 

This is the blueprint of the Home page. We strategically work with you to determine the flow of your Home page and how we can funnel your clients to the pages that you want them to. This is a very basic layout of the page and we will be able to move a lot around especeially in the beginning 

Step 5- Style tile 

A Style Tile is a collection of design assets to be used on your new website.  This is much like when building a house, you will meet with an interior designer and get your style together.  You get a preview of paint colors, tile samples, wood flooring, hardware, etc … this allows you to kind of understand the style of your house.  

Step 6- Mockup 

Once the wireframe and style tile have been approved, we take both of those assets and create a mockup of your new homepage! We will then get style approval for the other pages. This is the fine tune portion of the process, think of it as a polish! 


Step 7- Site Development 

Once design assets have been approved we start to craft your brand new site in a testing environment. We used best practice that will allow your site to perform and convert when building your site. 


Step 8- edits and testing 

Now that we built out your website, we will walk through 2 rounds of revision for you and prepare your site to be launched. We will also ensure mobile efficiancy as well. 

Step 9- Launch and care 

You’re OFF!! This is the most exciting part! We will get you all set and ready to go to launch your new site that you can be proud of! We also get you all set up with our care team to ensure that you are taken care of for years to come on your website.