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What is digital marketing? 

These days marketing can be found in many different channels. Marketing is something that is as old as time itself! Think about it. When anyone ever has a product or service they have to do what? Get the word out! Digital marketing is essentially that; marketing on the digital atmosphere! Digital marketing is marketing through digital platforms via search engines, paid advertising (Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Bing) email marketing, social media and websites. 

Digital marketing can be broadly broken into 7 main categories including: Search Engine Optimization, Pay-per-Click, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Marketing Analytics.” – Southern New Hampshire University 


That is a common digital marketing acronym standing for Search Engine Optimization. Search engine optimization in layman’s means ranking on Google or any other type of search engine through use of keywords and relevant information. Google wants to pair your search with a website that is going to answer that search! Think about it, Google is essentially wanting to be the best at answering everyone’s questions. So it crawls everyone’s websites for keywords that match your question. When people go to the site after Google showed it to them, Google can track if that website was a good search or if the website was not helpful. Our goal is to make sure that your site is optimized for those searches. When people search and land on your site we want to make sure that potential customers find your website relevant and helpful for what they are searching for. 

Paid Advertising? Is Paid Advertising PPC?  Where do I pay for advertising? 

That is another GREAT question! Yes! PPC is Pay Per Click which means you will pay when anyone clicks on your advertisement. So you ask where do I pay for advertising? Another great question. There are a few different avenues for paid advertising. The main avenues that Tribal Media Co uses is Google, Facebook, Amazon, YouTube, Instagram and Bing! We use different techniques and strategies that allow for our keywords to allow our costs per click to be as low as possible. We want to find the riches in the niches! We look to make sure that every keyword is optimized for you to get conversions as well as conversions with the lowest cost possible. 

Does social media help your SEO? 

Yes…Well kind of. The short answer is having a strong social media presence will without a doubt direct more traffic to your website. In turn telling Google that your site is a site that is useful and a site that brings a lot of website followers. Google then looks at it and sees that your site is relevant and useful due to the time on page and bounce rate being low. 

How can I do digital marketing?

You can trust the Tribal Media Co. to help YOU achieve all your dreams through digital marketing!